Patrick Loud

  • November 20, 2014


I am an imagination interpreter or custom tattoo artist. I don’t try to limit my artistic boundaries by specializing in one particular style. I prefer to do any kind of style the customer or the design might call for. I believe in a dynamic approach to tattooing and artwork and don’t want to leave any of my artwork falling ‘flat’ be it a tattoo or a painting. If something flat and boring is what you are looking for, you will not find the answer here. I love pushing my own envelope with each project I take on. I am constantly trying to find new challenges in both art and life to keep me ambitious, hungry and forever seeking knowledge.

I started my tattoo career in the Virginia Beach area and learned under David Heydn at an all custom studio called I AM Tattoos. After serving my apprenticeship I worked at I AM for 3 more years then decided it was time to spread my wings. Got a great opportunity to tattoo in Hollywood CA in a really cool shop ran by some great people. I stayed out west building a serious client base in LA and beyond with lots of international collectors as well. I was thrown right in the mix and in no time was traveling all over to tattoo in private settings for amazing high end clients. I learned a ton out west from a bunch of amazing artists that came thru Ink Kandy. I picked up a bunch of awesome west coast black and grey techniques and continued to build my portfolio to become a more well rounded artist. After the whirlwind of Hollywood had died down a bit, I decided to head back east to slow my life down and concentrate on my art more than I had been.  I have made Independence Tattoo my home, and plan on it being so for a very long time to come!

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